Application Solutions

As our digital world evolves and cloud services begin to converge what used to be basic office platforms and infrastructure services with value adding software, businesses often overlook leveraging the benefits of software they have purchased. Central can help you make use of these new types of services. Areas we can help include:

  • Omni Channel Services – converging voice, chat, SMS and social media channels to a single service centre
  • Use of Office 365 and Teams to improve collaboration, agile working and reduction in travel costs
  • Development and utilisation of SharePoint for file management and intranets
  • Development of niche automation solutions using the software provided as part of Office 365
  • Not ready for office 365 but having issues with your E-mail; we can also help manage your MS Exchange systems

Desktop as a Service

Using Citrix, VMWare Horizon to provide a ‘Desktop Solution’ to each user at your organisation. This provides a virtual desktop environment for each user. Central fully manage this service and it is useful in some organisations with environments such as mobile workers, or ‘bring your own device’ workers. It also provides a financial benefit, as there is no initial capital outlay for the business, as it is a pay as you go service.

The organisations that benefit most from this service could be start-ups, SMEs, or office environments with mixed devices and a fluctuating number of users.