Proactive Monitoring Service

Central’s proactive monitoring service helps ensure that your systems remain available and always running at optimum performance.

We do this by tailoring how we monitor the key IT components that are specific to your business needs and environment, giving you access to real-time statistics and operational data 24 x 7.

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What does our service include?

Our monitoring team provide proactive trend analysis throughout the day and feed data into our service desk as event management incidents. Naturally, some of the trends and issues identified will be referred back to you and the team, enabling you to have a holistic view of your environment and what is happening in real-time.

  • Server Utilization
  • Server Memory
  • Core Application Services
  • Availability – & up time, & down time
  • System errors and Service Alerts
  • Analysis of errors and alerts
  • Detailed Exception Reports
  • Action required and ServiceDesk calls logged
  • Tests applied and results

The solution also includes access to a free APP on iPhone and Android.

Most importantly, this is not just a reporting solution: the service offers true value for money because our team of experienced engineers manage the product, interpret metrics and enable deep insight in to what our monitoring tool is reporting.


Our monitoring solutions reflect what’s important to your business

Our service groups components into business-critical service views and alerts you if a single link in the chain hits a threshold which could impact the overall business service. For example, the database, server and network components of your CRM can be monitored and report a potential issue in the context of CRM as well as its individual components.

There are thousands of custom plugins available and for anything not included we can write custom scripts. For example, we have created a custom SQL script for many customers that uses the login time of each process to determine a possible issue. It will flag if there are processes running longer than 5 minutes, but ignore them if they have been running for more than 180 minutes to exclude any long-running server processes.



Visualise and correlate metrics from all aspects of your business with one-second granularity. By giving unparalleled visibility into every layer of your IT infrastructure, our monitoring service helps teams plan and prioritise their response to events according to their impact on your business services. High impact dashboards are ideal for desktop or big screen display.



The advanced reporting and analytics engine provides deep insight into trends across networks, storage, servers, virtual machines, applications and cloud services. This crucial additional visibility allows IT operations to determine consumption trends, optimize infrastructure utilisation, plan for future capacity and even charge for their services using bespoke reports.On-going monthly reports help keep track of the health and performance of your systems, along with a summary of the support issues and service performance.


Server Availability and Health Monitoring

The solution continuously monitors server availability including over 300 performance metrics such as CPU utilisation, disk space, memory utilisation, temperature and fan status. Each server monitoring console gives immediate access to real–time CPU, memory and disk utilisation trends of remote servers.


The Team

Our service team members all hold service and technical support related qualifications and specialise in key areas of technology and service in order to provide a broad range of event management capabilities. These include, but are not limited to: Microsoft Technology Associates, Microsoft Certified Professionals, VMware, Veeam, Cisco.

Our service desk team is additionally supported by a team of advanced engineers who are qualified across numerous technologies including: Microsoft, VMware, Veeam, Malware, telephony and networking technologies.


How does it work?

The service is based on a centralised master server working within our Central Cloud provision which is monitored by our Network Operations Centre. Our onsite slave server updates the master server in the cloud and reports on any outages or thresholds that require attention. A customisable set of dashboards are available to our customers to examine, including a “management view” front end dashboard.

For the monitoring element, Central will install one of our dedicated monitoring appliances onsite as a virtual server on your infrastructure which will constantly monitor your key server’s availability and systems status and report on any outages or problems that require attention.


How much does it cost?

This very much depends on the size and complexity of your organisation and the number of nodes you require, which we can quickly review in order to provide an accurate quote. The installation time takes account of the complexities of your network and configuration of specific event scripts to address existing pain points for the organisation. The standard setup time is usually 3 engineering days.


Exclusive Trial Offer!

We offer a free trial that is based on live critical business services. With your assistance, we would select 5-6 key systems and the associated interfaces to monitor. These would include things like: RAM, CPU, Disk, services, network, etc. Once live, we forward credentials and details of what elements are being monitored along with configured alert thresholds, etc.