Patch Management Service

Crucial factors in the delivery of a successful patching and update service are the change control processes and procedures that underpin it. Change control can impact different areas and by adhering to the QMS accreditation for quality, Central ensures that any changes to a product or system are introduced in a controlled and coordinated manner.

As an ITIL based organisation, we view change management as a preventative process to reduce the possibility of introducing faults or indeed undoing changes made by other users of software. Ultimately, the goal of our change management process is to minimise disruption to service, reduce ‘back-out’ activities and introduce cost-effective utilisation of resources. We employ proven product management methodology that reduces risk and delivers results in a systematic and timely manner.

Additionally, our engineers schedule regular service reviews and generate quarterly reports that are summarised and discussed with clients accordingly.

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To stay on top of the large number of patches released every day, you need effective patch management software. Central offers a fully automated patch management solution for Windows, Mac, Linux and third-party applications.

We provide you with granular control over the entire patch management process, enabling you to keep your endpoints fully secure and up to date:

Detect – Test – Deploy – Report

  • Scan endpoints to detect missing patches
  • Test patches before deployment to mitigate security risks
  • Automate patch deployment to operating system and third-party applications
  • Report and audit powerfully for better visibility and control

Patch Across All Platforms

  • Deploy patches seamlessly across desktops, laptops, servers, roaming devices and virtual machines, from a single interface

Supports 350+ Applications

  • Stay 100% secure by defending against vulnerabilities in your third-party applications
  • Large repository of patches for common applications such as Adobe and Java
  • Make use of pre-built, tested, ready-to-deploy packages

Visibility and Control Over Patches

  • Patch compliance made easy with advanced analytics and audits
  • Customisable deployment policies to meet your business needs
  • Insightful monthly management reports to help track your patching, delivered with graphical status


What does our service include?

Automated Patch Management

Our management process allows us to completely automate the different stages of patching as follows:

  • Scan endpoints for missing patches
  • Schedule scans by time, computer, group or user-defined collections of computers and identify missing patches on the endpoints
  • Download patches from vendor sites

The Central server will automatically download missing patches from respective vendor sites such as Microsoft and third-party vendor sites like Adobe, Java and more.

The automation feature enables you to secure vulnerable systems and deploy patches that are missing in your network computers automatically, without any manual intervention required. The deployment will be performed based on the policies that you specify, for example, the installation window, post deployment actions, reboot, etc.

With automated patch management, you can ensure that all endpoints are kept up to date and secure 24/7 – no matter which operating system you run, or the location.

Post successful deployment, you can schedule reports on the status of your automated patch management tasks. These reports allow rapid verification that all your enterprise endpoints are 100% secure and ensure that you are notified on the success of your patch deployment tasks.

Setting a reasonable goal for compliance levels is often a difficult concept. The main objective for organisations is to ensure 100% patch compliant status of all managed endpoints. Central can assist you in achieving this via a constant cycle of evaluation and remediation. When an endpoint is detected to be non-compliant with a patching policy, it will automatically be remedied and the activity is logged.

Scheduling and reduced downtime
Central will create a deployment policy to specify the installation and reboot options to be performed on the endpoints. The multiple deployment settings will help decide when to deploy a patch to the operational environment and plan how and when that deployment will take place, ensuring that it does not compromise business-critical systems and applications.

If you wish to schedule the deployment based on Patch Tuesday of that month, you can pick ‘Based on patch Tuesday’ as your preferred week split. This policy-based approach allows set-and-forget simplicity. Any policy can be marked as a default patching policy so that it will be applied for all subsequent patch tasks created.

The Team

Our service team all hold technical support related qualifications and specialise in key areas of technology and service in order to provide a broad range of support capabilities. These include Microsoft Technology Associates, Microsoft Certified Professionals, City & Guilds and ITIL.

They are additionally supported by a specialist team of advanced engineers qualified across many technologies including Microsoft, VMWare, Veaam, Malware, telephony and networking technologies.

Setting up the new service

To ensure the seamless delivery of our patch management service, members of our team will set up an initial consultation to gather information, understand your specific business requirements and scope the project.

Our setup consultations typically include:

  • Full scope of works signed off by the customer
  • Confirmed list of endpoints to be patched
  • Varying patch schedules according to priority
How much does it cost?

This very much depends on the size and complexity of your organisation and your current number of server and endpoints, which we can quickly review in order to provide an accurate quote.