With the continued advancements in the complexity of cyber fraud, traditional security is no longer fully comprehensive to ensure a system is as secure as possible. Previously unseen methods of attacks are impossible to detect with security protocols that are only looking for known threats.

In partnership with Darktrace, Central offers industry-leading artificial intelligence systems that allow for proactive monitoring of organisational activities, quickly identifying, triaging and even neutralising the issue instantly. 

With rollout being available for cloud, network, and email platforms, we are able to offer companies a comprehensive security package that creates efficiencies, saves time, and allows analysts to focus on higher-value tasks.

• Operates under a machine self-learning model that builds a ‘pattern of life’ at a granular level within the organisation
• Acts like the human immune system by understanding what is intrinsically ‘normal’
• Detects deviations that signal threatening activity and issues reports
• Triages and assesses potential attacks, with 92% of time saved, on average
• Offers an advanced-level solution that not only detects and triages an incident, but triggers an autonomous and proportionate response, without disruption to business operations.

• Identifies and responds to in-progress threats in real time, both external and insider 
• 100% visibility over the entire digital enterprise
• Scalable and adaptable to any environment
• Does not require knowledge of past threats to understand new ones
• Continually updates its understanding as the environment changes
• Constantly monitors, even when a security team isn’t present
• Requires minimal set-up
• Creates efficiencies of time and resource for security analysts


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