Our Story

Central Networks and Technologies Ltd (Central) was founded in September 1991. Since then we have enjoyed 28 years of profitable operation and helped over 1200 customers with their IT and support needs. We are an independent IT services and support supplier; being independent means we can offer the most appropriate solution to our clients, that returns the best possible ROI.

Our customer base is diverse in terms of size, geography, skills, business requirements and objectives. We have recognised this and created a solutions and services portfolio that can be tailored to meet the individual requirements of all our customers.

Our methodology for designing a service for any customer, is to listen to the requirements, analyse the outcomes, propose a solution and implement swiftly and carefully the agreed solution.

Some of our customers have large ICT teams and only look for assistance where they have investigated and exhausted every avenue. Others are far smaller, where finance officers often take on ICT responsibility and need additional help and assistance.

We have a proven track record in the SME and larger corporate marketplace having worked on many projects and facilitated the financial, commercial and technical requirements for a number of scenarios. Our reputation is based on our delivery of best practice, best value and best service to the sector, with many clients choosing to work with us in long term partnerships.

Our relationship with many of our customers has spanned over 15 years of loyal service.