Partnerships: Central partners with AppCheck to proactively protect its customers

With the digital landscape constantly evolving, cyber security must be at the forefront of any IT strategy. Central has recently partnered with AppCheck, an automated penetration testing tool. The partnership will ensure Centrals clients are leading the way within their industry for security standards.

Why Cyber Security Is More Crucial Now Than Ever

The digital era has brought about an increase in cyber threats, making businesses of all sizes potential targets with the latest Verizon data breach report highlighting exploitation of vulnerabilities as one of the primary factors an attacker would use to gain access to an organisation. Thorough and consistent vulnerability assessments are the best solution for staying ahead of potential breaches. AppCheck Offers an automated solution to regularly test and identify vulnerabilities making it essential in a businesses cyber defence strategy.

The Power of AppCheck: Comprehensive Cybersecurity at Your Fingertips

AppCheck stands out with its comprehensive scanning platform covering your whole infrastructure created by penetration testing experts. This gives businesses the tools they need to identify and rectify vulnerabilities in there IT effectively.

Enhanced Vulnerability Detection and Management

The platform offers an extensive set of features including website/web application, API and network infrastructure vulnerability testing. With the ability to schedule scans businesses can ensure they are detecting and addressing security issues, maintaining a strong defence against cyber threats. Rescan capabilities ensure that your remediation was successful and there is no longer a risk to your business. 

Your Next Step in Cybersecurity

Central's partnership with AppCheck aligns with our commitment to providing future-proof, comprehensive IT solutions to our clients.

Don't wait for a cyber threat to expose your vulnerabilities. Strengthen your defences now with the advanced, automated penetration testing services provided by Central and AppCheck.

Contact us today to schedule your AppCheck demo, to conduct a free vulnerability assessment with AppCheck and take your cybersecurity to the next level.

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