Central partners with HaloITSM to further strengthen its service management.

We’re really excited to share the news around our most recent company investment – new IT service management software from HaloITSM.

Anyone who knows Central will be aware that people are at the centre of everything we do, with a goal to make IT as stress free and simple as possible. And we like to think that our latest investment has our staff and customers at its very heart.

As a managed IT service provider, one key element we use day to day is our service desk. This acts as the main form of contact — not only between our customers and the Central team but their systems and ours, too.

The change has arisen, as we wanted to move to a new solution that’s cloud-based – making it accessible from anywhere for both Central employees and our customers.

It was also important to us to introduce new queue types into our service desk, and also offer more agile forms of communication for our customers – and now we have!

What does the investment mean for Central customers?

With HaloITSM, we’re able to offer more of a self-service approach, meaning our clients can quickly and easily raise tickets, access their requests, and live chat with the team, via their own personalised dashboard in the Halo web portal.

In addition to strengthening our customer communications, it also collects all relevant information – such as calls logged and emails – and orders it into a priority-ranked service desk queue. As a result, this enables our tech support team to resolve any issues at a rapid rate. 

It doesn’t solely track and organise reactive support requests though, it also integrates with our proactive, automated monitoring software that continually evaluates the performance of our clients’ systems. For example, if a hard disk is filling up, CPU usage is high, or humidity is detected, this is also recorded and fed into our HaloITSM, which then adds it to the queue in the relevant place for our tech team to tackle.

This direct integration means that if a system issue resolves itself, it will automatically be removed from the support request queue – meaning our engineers never spend time on problems that have already been rectified.

This live, agile system improves and streamlines customer communications and, we believe, plays an integral part in helping us to continue fostering long-term partnerships with our clients.

That’s because to the Central team, customers’ requests are never just a ‘ticket’ for us to resolve – we approach every piece of work we do with the highest level of care and importance.

The impact so far

Some of our customers enjoyed using the HaloITSM system so much when communicating with our team, that they’ve even enquired about moving their service management process to Halo too.

This makes us feel incredibly happy and proud that we’ve not only implemented a solution that makes our clients’ lives easier, but that our commitment to investment in the latest technologies has inspired them to affect transformation in their own organisations.

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