Employees — Finlay Grady.

Here at Central, people are at the heart of the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of everything we do.

We started out on our IT journey back in 1991, and our mission and ethos haven’t changed. We’re a family-run firm that pride ourselves on our integrity, honesty, and objectivity – and we make IT stress free by keeping it as simple as possible.

But it’s our people who make this all possible. Get to know them more in our staff spotlight.

Name: Finlay Grady
Job title: Helpdesk support officer
Department: Helpdesk

Sum up your role at Central in one sentence: 

Providing technical support and assistance to our customers over the phone.

What three words would your colleagues use to describe you?

Helpful. Funny. Dedicated.

And what do you enjoy most about your job?

Encountering new challenges that I can, in turn, learn how to fix.

Check your phone, what was the last emoji you sent?

The maple leaf 🍁.

Who was or is your biggest inspiration?

A specific example of an individual doesn’t spring to mind, but I’m always inspired by people who demonstrate determination and resilience, which is something that I often see in my line of work. Troubleshooting isn’t always easy, but it’s always rewarding to get to the crux of an issue and know you’ve played a hand in making something better.

You’re hosting a three-course dinner party, what’s on the menu?

I’m not a talented chef, but if I was, it would most likely be pan-fried halloumi, followed by Filetto Rossini, and sticky toffee pudding to finish.

Back to Central, what makes the company stand out?

Everyone in the team knows how to work hard together without taking themselves too seriously – it keeps things fresh and fun, for both colleagues and clients.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself we might not know:

I have no cartilage in my nose!

What would the title of your autobiography be?

I don’t think my autobiography would be a very interesting read – I’d probably title it 'boring” so everyone knows what they’re getting into from the start. Managing expectations!

Central’s mission is to ‘place IT at the heart of business’ and act as a ‘trusted technology partner’ for customers – tell us more about what this means to you:

Helping people truly understand the systems they have in place and become confident in using them, as well as staying ahead of the curve with the latest advancements in IT — whether that’s more effective pieces of kit, new ways to manage budgets, or anything in between — so we can remain knowledgeable and dependable for customers.

If you’d like to receive more news and updates from the Central team, why not head over to our Twitter page or connect with us on LinkedIn?

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